Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mobile sales figure in 2012

During 2012 some mobile companies saw a serious increase in sales while some saw huge downs

From sales figure samsung topped the list made a huge 129.1% increase in year over year while apple is still doing well with 46.9% increase. And personally i thought htc deserved a better treatment for their innovative products.

 It is clear that nokia being strong in basic phones segment and RIM with their reduced price strategies managed to place in top5.

courtesy: gsmarena

Friday, November 16, 2012

176*220 Resolution Mobiles list

Here is a small list of mobiles with 176*220 or 176x220 resolution. OFCOURSE we might have missed some mobiles in the list. If you guys know mobiles with the same resolution and not indexed below please add it in comments it will be helpful for fellow gamers.

If you are sure that your mobile resolution is 176*220 proceed here for free games
Screen ResolutionBrandModel
176 x 220AhongD13
 AlcatelOne Touch C825
 AlcatelOne Touch S853
 AlcatelOT C820
 AlcatelOT S680
 AlcatelOT S686
 AlcatelOT S920
 AlphaCell WirelessM5
 AmcAMC F188
 AmoiLevis The Original
 AsmobileI-mobile 607
 BeelineBeeline C100
 DorisWeb Browser
 FlyFly V100
 GenericWindows Mobile
 HaierDouble Z702
 HaierHTIL V70
 HPiPAQ 510
 HuaweiHUAWEI U5705
 HuaweiVodafone 710
 HuaweiVodafone 715
 HuaweiVODAFONE 720
 LGKE 520
 LGLG 5500
 MAUI-based GenericMAUI WAP Browser
 MitacMio 8390
 ModeLabsMTV 3.0
 ModelLabsMTV 3.0
 MotorolaBlack Monster
 MotorolaKRZR K1c
 MotorolaPEBL U6
 MotorolaRAZR V3
 MotorolaRAZR V3c
 MotorolaRAZR V3i
 MotorolaRAZR V3m
 MotorolaSLVR L7
 MotorolaSLVR L7c
 MotorolaVE 440
 MyPhoneB22 Duo
 NexianNX250 D
 OrangeSPV C500
 OrangeSPV E100
 PantechCDM 8960
 PantechEUROPA U4000
 PantechPN E330
 SagemMY 421Z
 SamsungGT C5130
 SamsungGT M2510
 SamsungGT M2513
 SamsungGT M2520
 SamsungGT S3030
 SamsungGT S3100
 SamsungGT S3600C
 SamsungSCH A790
 SamsungSCH A815
 SamsungSCH A915
 SamsungSCH E159
 SamsungSCH F679
 SamsungSCH R600
 SamsungSCH S319
 SamsungSCH S379
 SamsungSCH U450
 SamsungSCH U490
 SamsungSCH U510
 SamsungSCH U640
 SamsungSCH U740
 SamsungSCH W259
 SamsungSCH W399
 SamsungSGH A637
 SamsungSGH A837
 SamsungSGH E380
 SamsungSGH E398
 SamsungSGH E490
 SamsungSGH E496
 SamsungSGH E570
 SamsungSGH E750
 SamsungSGH E760
 SamsungSGH E838
 SamsungSGH F268
 SamsungSGH F300
 SamsungSGH F679
 SamsungSGH J610
 SamsungSGH J618
 SamsungSGH J750
 SamsungSGH L320
 SamsungSGH L700
 SamsungSGH L708
 SamsungSGH L760
 SamsungSGH L768
 SamsungSGH P200
 SamsungSGH P705
 SamsungSGH P710
 SamsungSGH S366
 SamsungSGH T139
 SamsungSGH T459
 SamsungSGH T509S
 SamsungSGH T629
 SamsungSGH Z230
 SamsungSGH Z240
 SamsungSGH ZV60
 SamsungSPH A940
 SamsungSPH M510
 SamsungSPH M540
 SamsungSPH Z400
 ToshibaTS 605
 ToshibaTS 608
 ToshibaTS 705
 UTStarcomCDM 8950
 UTStarcomCDM 8964
 VerizonCDM 8950
 VK MobileVK4500
 Windows MobileSmartphone
 YulongCoolPAD 288
 ZTEU Mobile Futsuu
 ZTEYoigo F188
 ZTEYoigo F233
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